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File #: 23-2183   
Type: Information Only Status: Agenda Ready
Meeting Body: Transportation, Infrastructure, and Planning Subcommittee
On agenda: 9/20/2023 Final action:
Title: Freeway Program Update
District: Citywide


Freeway Program Update



This report provides the Transportation, Infrastructure and Planning Subcommittee updates on the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) freeway program within the City of Phoenix. The report tracks major ADOT projects in Phoenix, and new updated information is in bold to highlight areas that have been updated since the last report.






The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Regional Transportation Plan reflects numerous freeway construction projects and studies underway within the City of Phoenix. These projects are funded from the voter approved Proposition 400 half-cent sales tax as well as from state and federal revenue sources. City of Phoenix staff are embedded with ADOT on these major construction projects to ensure coordination of all construction activities with City departments. This report is an overview of the current major freeway projects. A monthly report will be provided to the Transportation, Infrastructure and Planning Subcommittee reflecting project changes as well as new projects.


Interstate 10 (I-10) - Broadway Curve Reconstruction Update

The I-10 Broadway Curve project is planned to improve a segment of I-10 between the I-10/Interstate 17 (I-17) Split Traffic Interchange and the South Mountain Freeway/Congressman Ed Pastor Freeway Loop 202 near Pecos Road. The project encompasses one of the most heavily traveled segments of freeway in the Valley. Traffic volumes within this 11-mile section of I-10 exceed 250,000 vehicles per day and include vital connections to I-17, State Route (SR) 143, US-60 and Loop 202.


The proposed improvements include:

  • Adding general purpose and High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes;
  • Adding a collector-distributor (CD) road system to reduce the number of lane changes on the freeway;
  • Improving connections between I-10 and the SR 143 and Broadway Road to improve HOV lane connections;
  • Improving connections of I-10 and US-60 (Superstition Freeway);
  • Constructing new bridges to accommodate new interchange facilities and additional lanes;
  • Building retaining and sound walls; and
  • Constructing pedestrian bridge crossings to improve pedestrian access across the freeway.


Construction began in late 2021 and is scheduled for completion in 2024.



SR 143 and the I-10 bridges are further complete and making notable visable progress. There will be reoccurring full weekend closures September through October 2023, except on Columbus Day. The 32nd Street eastbound I-10 on ramp and 40th Street eastbound I-10 off ramp will both open at the end of September.


I-17 Frontage Road Drainage Improvement

This ADOT project will replace the existing pump stations at the I-17 traffic interchanges at Greenway Road, Thunderbird Road, Cactus Road and Peoria Avenue with a gravity storm drain system that will discharge the storm water into the Arizona Canal Diversion Channel (ACDC). The purpose of the project is to improve the drainage facilities that remove storm runoff from the cross streets, helping to reduce the potential for flooding at the I-17 overpasses.


The project includes the installation of 30- to 90-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe along the I-17 frontage road, two detention basins at the I-17 and Thunderbird Road traffic interchange, pavement replacement on the frontage road, signing, striping, improvements to ADA features within the project area, and removal of the four existing pump stations.



As of July 2023, the new I-17 regional drainage system between Dunlap Avenue and Greenway Road in north Phoenix is fully operational in time for this summer's monsoon. Construction started in summer 2020. The benefits of the drainage system are the removal of the existing pump stations and the simplification of the drainage at the cross streets. ADOT maintenance does not have to rely on mechanical means to remove storm water from the underpasses. The dependability of the drainage infrastructure has significantly increased, given that gravity will be the main drive of the system. Although the upgrades are designed to reduce the potential for flooding, a large amount of rain in a short period of time can tax any drainage system on state highways or local roads.


Loop 101 - I-17 to 75th Avenue Widening

The scope of this project is to add one general purpose lane in each direction to Loop 101/Agua Fria Freeway from I-17 to 75th Avenue. The project includes bridge widening of existing structures to accommodate the new general-purpose lanes. The project work includes diamond grind surface treatment, new concrete pavement, retaining walls, lighting, ADA improvements, drainage improvements, FMS improvements, and signing and striping.


I-10 Deck Park (Hance Park) Tunnel Repair

The Deck Park Tunnel is an underpass that carries the I-10 freeway beneath downtown Phoenix between 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street. The tunnel consists of a series of 19 side-by-side bridge structures. Construction of the facility began in 1983 and opened to traffic on Aug. 10, 1990. The tunnel carries approximately 230,000 vehicle trips per day and provides a critical link for regional connectivity and mobility.


Leaks in the ceiling structure of the Deck Park Tunnel have occurred in the past and continue to appear. The water infiltration caused by the leaks can lead to deterioration of the tunnel infrastructure and impacts the ventilation and electrical systems, which could force closure of the tunnel to traffic. There is also concern that any damage could produce a need for repairs that would require excavation of Margaret T. Hance Park, which is undergoing a major, $100 million revitalization expected to begin in March 2020.


ADOT, MAG and the City of Phoenix initiated an I-10 Deck Park Tunnel Waterproofing Study in May 2019 because of concern with the integrity of the tunnel.


The study recommended that all joints that have not been repaired in the last five years be replaced, which comprises 15 of the 19 total joints. ADOT intends on working closely with the City of Phoenix to coordinate construction activities of the joint work with the Hance Park revitalization project to minimize cost and public disturbance.


Construction began in March 2020.


Grand - 35 Study

ADOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), in coordination with the BNSF Railway, City of Phoenix and MAG, are initiating a Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) and initial DCR for the US-60 (Grand Avenue), 35th Avenue and Indian School Road intersection.


The study proposes that improvements need to be made to the US-60 corridor functionality, arterial street network multimodal opportunities (e.g., expansion of bicycle lane network), and BNSF Railway corridor capacity. These improvements would reduce traffic congestion, improve pedestrian and vehicular safety, and enhance multimodal transportation options.



ADOT anticipates releasing the Draft EA early October 2023 and finalizing the study in January 2024. If a Build Alternative for interchange improvement is selected, the following tentative schedule has been identified:

  • Design and Right of Way Acquisition - programmed FY 2024
  • Construction - programmed FY 2025


I-10: Papago Tunnel to the I-10/I-17 System Interchange Corridor Study

This study is led by MAG and in partnership with ADOT and the City because of the regional significance of the freeway corridor and its influence over downtown Phoenix and Sky Harbor area. This study will determine strategies to mitigate, and address existing, and expected operational issues. The project team is looking at traffic demand and operations. The next steps include outreach to the public.


State Route (SR) 303: 43rd and 51st Avenues Traffic Interchanges

Phoenix, MAG and ADOT have agreed to accelerate design and construction of the new Traffic Interchanges (TIs) at 51st and 43rd avenues to accommodate the schedule of the new Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) facility. Construction of the new TIs will be completed in summer 2023.



Construction of the new TIs at 51st and 43rd avenues:

  • Project met substantial completion and grand opening occurred early in September 2023
  • Projected substantial completion date is on target for completion by end of August 2023.
  • Traffic switch onto the new 51st Avenue mainline will occur the week of June 5.


State Route 303 (SR 303): 51st Avenue - I-17 and SR303 Lake Pleasant Parkway - 51st Avenue

AZTEC Engineering Group, Inc. has been selected as prime for Final design. Notice to proceed with final design will be late Spring of 2023. The design is expected to be completed within two years. There is no construction funding currently programmed.



Artist Selection process has started, and the proposed design schedule is below.

A. Stage II (30%) - Sept. 15, 2023

B. Stage III (60%) - March 4, 2024

C. Stage IV (95%) - June 25, 2024

D. Stage V (100%) - Sept. 2, 2024


Public Meeting spring or summer 2024


Construction funding is not programmed.


This is an opportunity for artists specializing in two-dimensional artwork who have experience working collaboratively with design teams. The selected artist/artist team will be expected to work closely with the community, the City of Phoenix, and the project design team in coordination with all project partners. To develop the design, the artist/artist team will be expected to solicit community input and review Arizona’s State Highway System Standard Aesthetics and other information that could aid the development of a distinctive and functional landmark aesthetics.


The design enhancements will be integrated into new freeway traffic interchanges on SR 303 at I-17 and 67th Avenue. Enhancements must be cast cement relief and may be included on traffic interchange bridge piers, abutments, safety barriers, and other site improvements. Ideally designs will bolster the visual identity of the surrounding area.


I-10/Loop 101 System Interchange

ADOT has initiated a study to evaluate improvements to the Loop 101 (Agua Fria Freeway) and Interstate 10 system TI in the West Valley.


The purpose of this study is to evaluate alternatives to the TI that will enhance regional travel by improving safety, reducing congestion and improving connectivity.


This study will evaluate the following improvements:

  • A new Direct High-Occupancy Vehicle ramp within the existing TI that will accommodate travel to/from the north along Loop 101 and to/from the east along I-10.
  • A possible new connection between southbound Loop 101 and 91st Avenue. This connection would be separate from the Loop 101/I-10 system TI ramps and may connect to the existing I-10/91st Avenue TI ramps.
  • Evaluation of several other traffic interchange locations and connecting arterial roadways for possible improvement within the project area.


On Feb. 23, 2023, a second public meeting was held at Sheely Farms Elementary School to present recommended alternatives. Alternatives include a direct HOV lane and the proposed 91st Avenue connector ramp. Comments and questions can be submitted through March 9, 2023.


I-17 Pavement Improvement Project

ADOT has started a pavement improvement project on I-17 between Dunlap Avenue and Deer Valley Road. The purpose of the project is to extend the life of the pavement and to improve safety and the driving experience on the existing roadway. The project includes removing the existing asphalt pavement and using a diamond grinding treatment to provide a smooth and quiet roadway surface. The project requires weekend closures and overnight lane restrictions on the I-17 that will impact travel in the area.



The anticipated completion is October 2023.



Responsible Department

This item is submitted by Deputy City Manager Alan Stephenson and the City Manager’s Office.